April 18, 2017

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Why Private Coaching?

April 9, 2017


It is difficult to find this at the volunteer level as most adults are Shanghaid into coaching without much notice, preparation, or any training whatsoever, as a standard procedure. In fact, it usually happens right when the kids and parents meet each other for the first time.


SHORT ANSWER - If you value quality and can afford better coach who can teach useful skills, then absolutely look into better options for your child.


This is not to say that many parents. with good intentions, don't do a pretty good job over time, by learning as much as they can, as quickly as they can but there is a difference. More and more parents actually have played recreational, high school, or competitive soccer at a local club, or maybe at the college level. But, depending on host of factors like how good they were, where they played, who coached them and what did they learn, it pays to ask around and get involved to find out who is the best at teaching skills, connecting with kids and who has the best and appropriate coaching style for the age of your child.


Having served in many volunteer "Board" positions for a non-profit soccer club, that used to have over 2000 players at one time, taught us a lot as a player/member, and a paying parent. Unfortunately, the end result is always in the finished product and we have sadly seen enough bad habits results by age 15, that I recommend private coaching in any sport if the goal is to provide your child with as many fundamental skills as they are capable of learning and getting good at. We keep it simple and stick to teaching the basics that are appropriate for each individual child.


Your ongoing involvement is also instrumental as they practice with you, a friend, their team mates and on their own. As a parent I decided early that I would expose my son to as many different quality coaches as possible to teach him the differences between good and great methods and best coaching practices. Each practice session and game or tournament was an opportunity to observe, experience and learn. His individual soccer education covered the entire spectrum of technical, tactical, and strategic development, to the point that he became interested in helping other kids get better as well/


As a parent, you can easily discern the difference between average and great coaching, IF you pay close attention. If not, ask us for guidance.


Example: Are the two of you (Parent and Child) actually learning anything, or is every session simply a repetition of movement and exercises, that may or may not be directly related to the end goal and specific skill being taught? Is there a logical progression to what is being done in the training session?


So, going back to the question "Why Private Coaching?"

It is always about getting the best quality training and development that will undoubtedly lead to better results faster. A good quality coach will go through a process of evaluating the player and then develop a plan that is appropriate. They will work with you, the parent, so that you can be part of the process.


Fundamentally, the goal is to develop a curriculum that gets your child as many touches on the ball as possible and introduce the skills that will make a noticeable difference over time. Every child is different and learns at their own pace. That said, the right coach is out there.


If it isn't one of us then we can certainly help point you in the right direction that makes the most sense for you. Driving over 2 hours one-way (minimum of 4 hour round-trip) twice a week is not for everyone. Not to mention the annual cost. We offer a more affordable, efficient and effective alternative. Ask us!


For more information contact us for a free player evaluation. Click here.



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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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