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KCJM Performance Coaching
GOAL - To provide training similar to what kids grow up with in Europe, Mexico, Canada, Central and South America by nurturing the passion for a game that can, if allowed to thrive, become a healthy obsession - lasting a lifetime. It will also come with the passion for passing it on to generations that follow.

Soccer is a game that helps to teach children how to play together, care about each other and give each other the support, trust and encouragement to overcome obstacles during practice, in a game and throughout life as friends. The teams they encounter become a network that can extends beyond the club, state, region and country. That is where we add training, friendship travel tours and international experiences to help players expand their view of the game as a pathway into the greater soccer community throughout the world.

Knowing and understanding the unspoken language, culture and etiquette can serve as a universal passport of peace and friendship. Where ever you travel in this world you will encounter brothers and sisters who love the game as much as you do. And, when playing pickup games, strangers will learn much about you very quickly by the way you play and how you engage with others. There is very little that can be hidden during the course of a try-out, practice, or a game

What is revealed is your full potential, character, devotion, commitment and determination – your true self!


That is why we develop players from the inside-out in order to achieve the best possible holistic results for players, parents and the team. The possibility for improvement and change depends much on age, ability, coordination, physical condition and attitude (desire, determination, discipline). That is why we prefer to develop players early and build on a solid foundation year-after-year.

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