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This group of BU11 boys represented a random fifty percent of the entire trained team that would have easily advanced to National competition. They trained 5 times a week year-round and scrimmaged regularly against my GU17 girls. They did not lose. All boys who tried made it on the high school team.


Rebekah Barrett, 18
Port Orchard

SK United, GU17

Forward, Midfielder

Remember you both!

Shanaia Bennett, 17
Gig Harbor

SK United, GU17

Left Too Soon 12/16/2013



My background to date has been primarily on the corporate side of coaching to create, produce and develop high-performance teams that are capable of producing significant and measurable results. Over the past 22 years this has included:


•    2018 - Retail Environments for Chanel, Technologies, Digital Marketing and the RV industry

•    2017 - Electric Bike Retailer, Pure Organic effort, Increased Sales 150%+ - 90 days, 445%+ - 120 days.

•    2016 - Astavita, Launched eCommerce (Shopify & Amazon). 2 Astaxanthin products in 6 months.
•    2015 - Bedrooms & More, 262% Increase in e-Commerce sales in 13 months!
•    2010 - TriVita Nutraceuticals, $65 to $200+ Million over 4 years, plus 517% increase in productivity. 
•    2003 - Online Gaming - Created a business plan to build 5 Themed gaming web sites within 12 months. 
•    2002 - USB Drives - Introduced, Marketed, Sold Thumb drives to North America and Europe. 1G = $700.
•    2001 - Applebee's Curbside "To Go" program - Architected the year-long TEST around the Great Lakes.
•    2001 - X10 Wireless Technologies, $65 to $245 Thousand per day in 6 months. #1 eCommerce site. 
•    2000 - Seattle FilmWorks to PhotoWorks, $80 Million to $124+ Million in 5 years by end of 2000. 


Best results require a great deal of team work, focus, time and alignment with the strategy. This makes having the right people on the team critical. Transitional period for optimal business performance can take a few years. Immediate positive changes can occur within 90 to 120 days. Variables include company size, industry, structure, culture, ownership commitment, existing processes / systems (or lack thereof), plus roles, responsibilities and relationships.

Commercial Finance / Lending, Banking, RV Industry, Electric Bikes. Natural Anti-Inflammatory Drinks, Dietary Supplements, Medical Devices and Inventory Control, IP Gathering and Data Analytics, Health and Beauty Care / Skin Lotions, Healthcare Technology Solutions, Hospitals, Insurance, Telecom, Non-Profits, Insurance, Banks & Commercial RE Securities, Hospitality, Resorts, Retail and Restaurant Management, Timeshare Resort, Camping and Outdoor Lifestyle. Plus, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, OPS and PR.




I began playing competitively as a teenager playing club ball on the SF Bay Area Peninsula and working to make it a competitive sport at the high school level. It was made an official HS sport after graduation.


1965-1967 Youth Soccer, The Hague, The Netherlands

1968-1970 Youth Soccer, San Mateo, CA, SF Peninsula

1971-1975 Hillsdale High School, San Mateo, CA (Official School team finally formed in 1976)

1971-1978 Club Italia - SF Peninsula, Forward, Midfielder, Defender
1975-1979 Graduated 1/75 and then lived in The Hague, Netherlands doing club tryouts and training.

The system used was very smooth and referred to as Total Soccer, or "Clockwork Orange" and consisted of free-flowing moves between players / roles, seemingly positioning themselves at random. It was structure within what appeared as chaos. By 1980, I focused on my career. But soccer, player and team development, cross-training roles and the system itself led to an idea for applying the same to agency and corporate environments. Together, with the systems and processes acquired as part of management training programs in the hospitality industry and the fundamental principles of science/results oriented database marketing I began to mix methodologies and experiment with building teams and programs for better measurable results. In sports this led to taking a team of players age 18-30 called Fluke from last place to 1st in one season,

1983-1990 Fluke, Seattle Soccer League Outdoor/Indoor Led as Co-Captain to 7 Championship seasons.
          Microsoft, Boeing, Intermec, Precor and others in the Tech League at 60 acres, Redmond, WA

1990-1993 South Kitsap Soccer Club, Port Orchard, Coaching WA BU16, BU17

1990-1994 Kitsap Peninsula Competitive Men's League, Player Open Division (Indoor & Outdoor)

2000-2006 South Kitsap Soccer Club, BU5, BU6, BU6, BU7, BU8 - VP of Admin. 

2000-2005 Kitsap Peninsula Competitive Men's League, Open Division 
          (Indoor & Outdoor) Stopped playing 12/2005.

2007-2010 Team / Player Management, Sereno Soccer Club, Phoenix, AZ (1st Division / Open Division)
2007-2010 Privately coached / trainined players from Chivas, Santa Rita, Real Santa Rita, Italia and Gallos.

2010-2012 South Kitsap Soccer Club Select BU10, BU11 and GU17. 10 players to 31 after 1st Place season.

VP of Admin, then Club President and Director of Club Select while coaching boys and girls. By this time in my career the system of Total Player and Team development was perfected to a point that we had 10 players for the first season winning 1st place in the league. After that we ended up with 32 Recreational players and trained them all within 120 days to then randomly select a team to enter highly competitive tournaments to finish as Finalists. Kees teaches and trains resulting in even higher number of goals scored. Details below.

  • Crossfire Select Tournament - BU11, Finalist

  • North Mason Select Tournament - BU11, Finalist

2012-Present Private Coaching and Player/Team Development

2018          AC, Training & Development, Life Christian Academy HS, Soccer Boys Varsity, Grades 9-12


Then, coaching as a player/coach in 1978, for players ages 18 and older. By 1980, soccer had taken a back seat to my career in real estate securities, direct marketing, creative services, operations and team management, but I remained active as a player / coach to stay fit.


By 1990, when I moved to Port Orchard, WA, I got involved with the South Kitsap Soccer Club and began coaching ages BU16-BU17. Then, when Kees was old enough to kick around a ball, at age 4, I began to coach and mentor him as a soccer player and goal keeper - coaching youth soccer for the first time in my life back in 2000. This process has been an interesting journey that taught both Kees and I a lot about the business of recreational, select and premier soccer. It was also an opportunity for me to apply a more methodical and systematic approach to player and team development and sports management.


It has been father and son journey that has been blessed by many adventures and professional coaches who have influenced Kees's individual development. There are many, and all of them have contributed to help shape the man Kees is today as a student and competitive athlete, youth soccer coach and university football specialist (punter/kicker) for Simon Fraser University, in Burnaby, BC, Canada, where Kees will start the 2018 Fall season.


As a parent you may wonder, "Why is this important?" - Well, in my opinion, it is as important as deciding who your child should be around when they play, where they go to school, who their teachers are, and what they are taught in school, or even who you choose as their doctor.


If you are particular about what you feed your child, to nurture them physically, to sustain optimal health and happiness, then deciding who should coach your child to develop their young mind, as it relates to how this game should be played, is just as important - In my opinion.


Who coaches your child is critically important as young minds are shaped by the experiences and adults whose demeanor, words, actions and attitudes have a huge lasting impact on a child, or person, at any age.


In soccer, Kees has taken the lead, as he adds his own brand of coaching and philosophical approach, training methods and thoughts about strategy, technical and tactical, to team and player development. Most significantly, his desire to begin the process of development earlier with players ages 5, 6, 7 and 8.


His first season coaching an indoor team ended up with one draw and all wins, with over 140+ goals scored for, and only 11 goals scored against his own team.
Afterwards, he just took 9 players to play two local Premier teams outdoors. Conditioning and the transition to a much bigger field in Summer was noticeable, but the end result was 1 win and 1 loss. Not bad considering these were very young "Rec" players, playing together against 2 premier teams for the first time. And, the team they lost to was older and the current state champion.

I am still coaching soccer privately
This means building, training and developing tournament teams, in different age groups, for both boys and girls. For details you can contact me.


This will be a private academy style training, development, mentoring and coaching program that will have three clear objectives:

  1. Train and develop teachable players with the desire, talent, skills and desire to win consistently.

  2. Mentor and guide parents to help their child / children, in the program, navigate through today's challenges.

  3. Teach, train and develop soccer players/coaches to take their coaching experience into the business world, so that they can earn a living wage.

We work with the three parts of the equation simultaneously to develop the players and the team they will play on as they get older. As the kids grow, travel will become part of the program to test their abilities. And. practice will increase with age as they progress from micro and mod to regulation and groups.

Premier League
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