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Kitsap United BU11 - 2012 North Mason Cup Finalist

We provide an alternative approach to soccer training and development. Creativity and innovation along with a fast possession game, where kids grow into teenagers who are comfortable in uncomfortable situations, and make good decisions consistently while under pressure. The team of coaches are comprised of passionate professionals who understand that in order to develop a competitive team it begins with developing competitive players - with common traits, believes and the dedication to improving individually, so that they can contribute to team efforts. This applies on and off the field, during practice and in the game.

Head Coach - Trainer, Team Development Specialist

With over forty years of experience in performance optimization for both corporate and soccer teams has enabled John to develop an authentic methodology that can quickly transform recreational players to competitive contenders. His soccer coaching and player experience spans over four decades. The believe is that anyone capable of playing is capable of  performing at a higher level, IF they believe they can and want to do so as a unified team. Goal - learning to play with relaxed creativity and innovation "under pressure" as they grow comfortable and become aware of their self-confidence. Fluent in English and Dutch.

Head Coach - Trainer for soccer, futsal, football punting and kicking.

Having played since age four and migrating from recreational soccer to select and then premier, at clubs like West Sound, Sereno Soccer Club and Crossfire, Kees has develop a deep passion for the game. And, a keen understanding on how to keep young children engaged. Kees has developed into a natural teacher who has been training and working as an assistant coach and trainer since 2008. He continues to give back what he has learned to those who can benefit with great results! Kees is also nationally ranked for Punting and Kicking, attending college full-time, working as a coach and exploring business as a young entrepreneur with goals.

Head Coach - Trainer for soccer and futsal.

Professional soccer player turned sport manager with over two decades of high level coaching experience. Dynamic career with US Soccer Federation (USSF) ‘A’ License and NSCAA Premier Diploma eager to positively impact a professional athletic organization. Seeking an opportunity to implement administrative and management strategies, promote productiv ity, team building, project management, and sound business practices. Expertise in Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) and soccer curriculum processes for US Soccer Development Academy. Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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