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Success Coaches for Soccer, Futsal, Punting, Kicking and Work!


As professional coaches we are driven to achieve the desired results from our players individually, so that they can contribute to the success of the team. We condition them to be comfortable under pressure!

Head Coach & Trainer

Regulation, Mod and Micro

Corporate and Competitive

YOUTH SOCCER - "I am a professional business consultant, from The Netherlands, aka Holland. I specialize in optimizing, building (frequently rebuilding) and then developing high-performance programs, processes and teams for small, medium and large businesses. The efforts are usually focused on customer acquisition, retention, development and win-back initiatives.

I apply my training methods to youth soccer players, starting as young as possible. The accelerated process can quickly transform recreational players into competitive contenders as we have demonstrated with our BU10 / 11 from 2010 to 2012."

Coach John   About Me


Head Coach & Trainer

Micro, Mod and Regulation
Competitive Player Development

YOUTH SOCCER - "As the youngest coach born in the USA, I only have about 10 years of experience as an assistant coach and 1 year as a head coach, but started playing at age 4, playing up by age 12, with 15 and 16 year old guys. I do my best to make sure that kids learn to love the game so that they can explore the beauty of playing, with the freedom to express and experiment. My focus is building from the back starting with the role of the Keeper / Sweeper.

Coach Kees


  • Player Training & Development through small-sided games

  • Local Tournament Teams*

  • International Travel Teams*

  • Guest Player Opportunities*
    *Spring and Summer only




Head Coach & Trainer

Micro, Mod and Regulation
ODP Prepardness

YOUTH SOCCER - "I am a professional player turned sport manager, and author, from Brazil, with over two decades of high level coaching experience. I hold a US Soccer Federation (USSF) ‘A’ License and a NSCAA Premier Diploma and work with athletic organizations, soccer clubs and businesses. My expertise includes Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) and US Soccer Development Academy." Coach Vinny


We choose to train on natural grass, basketball courts and concrete play areas!

The approach we apply to teaching the skills that are required!

FUTSAL - It's Clean, Safe, Healthy, Fast and Fun 5v5!

We Create Positive and Fun Experiences That Last a Lifetime


Since we have a lot of boys and girls who are interested in training for competitive tournaments, as a team at age U7, U8 and U10, we will hold a FREE CLINIC, or series of clinics, this summer starting as soon as we have all the necessary paperwork in place for a training field in a central location on the Kitsap Peninsula. Based on circumstances OUR training will be in addition to the Rec Team training that your child is currently doing in whatever club you are on. Our training will be more advanced and we will scrimmage competitive teams and if everything goes well enter competitive tournaments. JM

For more information contact John

We develop early, starting at ages 2-3, from the inside-out


This program is a year-round alternative to "Recreational, Select and Premier Club soccer"

The curriculum is designed specifically for qualified and capable, or developing candidates (player(s) and parents) who desire quality training in a proven program, with experienced international professionals in soccer and player development. This is a private member-based business.


This private program requires an extensive multi-step evaluation, application and approval process. Upon assessment completion we will accept players who demonstrate potential and those requiring more professional development.



We start developing an interest in soccer as early as age 3! It is a fun process and something parents can help with - DAILY!

We train and develop year-round and also try to fit into the schedule of multi-sport athletes with 4, 6, 8 and 10 month options.


We train both outdoors and indoors, on various surfaces.


WHY PLAY ON WOOD OR CONCRETE SURFACES?Considering the rise in concern, we advice parents to do their own research. Article




Mentoring for Parents.

If you want to explore and develop talent, start early. Learn the game as a parent and see where it leads. Give it a try. We will coach your child and mentor you using an inclusive approach to competitive sports. However, the reality is that one day they will choose their own path and sport that they love and are passionate about.


Then, as a parent, you must support their path and trust their choices in life! It is after all their journey. We are there only to help provide them with the guidance, tools, and insights to navigate each experience, while seeing things through their eyes.

Kids copy what they see, hear, experience and learn!

Mentoring parents is what we do 

In many cases this helps the parent / volunteer coach learn the game and empowers them to coach their child, and friends, if they wish, at the recreational level for many years.

Until, it is time to switch to a more competitive level... when their child is ready. We will share with you why when we meet in person or talk, if you decide to hire us for private sessions or mentoring via phone, text, or other web channels.

We mentor parents in building their coaching skills and more!

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