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We are about to continue developing a select group of recreational youth soccer players, starting at a much younger age then the group I helped to train, develop and coach from 2010 to 2012.

Philosophically, it is going to be an extension of what was started by my Dad, training from the inside-out.

With players ranging from age 6 to 8, we will begin the same intense training process where all kids will learn all positions and play, dribble and shoot equally well with both feet.

The difference is that I will be working with the kids to help develop their decision making process right away. To work and compete together, helping each other progress as individuals who contribute to the competitive level of the team.

At the end the result will be a more complete player who will still make an excellent cast member on any first team in school.


My Youth to Young Adult Experiences


My GK and field play started at age 4. Moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in summer of 2007. In Arizona I benefited from having a lot of quality coaching through the Sereno Soccer Club. I also got involved in coaching myself starting at age 10, working with my Dad and other professional coaches like Greg Vanney (Toronto FC Head Coach), Tom Bratcher, Ally Maxwell (The Rangers EPL), Matt Bernard and Vinicius Dos Santos.


I played Midfielder, Defender and GK/Sweeper for the Sereno Soccer Club and at the same time also played on several Hispanic teams like Chivas, Santa Rita, Santa Rita Real, Italia and occasionally Gallos as their GK and Center Attacking Mid. This meant 2 practice sessions during the week and at least 5 to 6 games every weekend. The most important aspect was playing a lot in order to get the most touches on the ball by playing lots of competitive games, under pressure.

But, at the end it's about making life-long friends and connections through the love of a game that can teach you a lot about life.









2017 - 2018 BU7, BU8 Head Coach
Game 1 - 8-8 Draw

Game 2 - 10-3 Win

Game 3 - 22-3 Win (Added 3 and 4 required passes prior to goals vs SC)

All games after this were won and we experienced the exact same response from opposing teams as my Dad did when I was 6 years old. From teams forfeiting 15 minutes into the game to Coaches getting angry that our team understood how to play the game better and continue scoring regardless of how difficult it was made.

2018 - The season ended with ALL games won, except for the first draw. Total goals scored 140+. Goals scored against 11. He then took his boys to play 7 aside against 2 older premier teams. They won against their 2nd team, then lost against the first team. All soccer coaching and playing seized Summer of 2018.

2018 Football Commited to Simon Fraser University Burnaby, BC, Canada

2017 Football - Punter and Kicker, Kitsap Storm, Kitsap Peninsula, WA

Practice and Game Film 

2017 Mens League / Outdoor and Indoor​ - Outdoor League Men's Champions

2016 Football Spring Training - Scottsdale. AZ

2016 Mens League / Outdoor and Indoor

2015 Only SKHS Football Player to get offered scholarship offers
Committed to University of Idaho.
Ranked in USA as Punter and Kicker 

2015 Played HS Soccer

2014 Played Fall football with SKHS

2014 Played for Harbor FC in Gig Harbor, so that I could train for Football

2014 South Kitsap HS - Spring Season, Varsity GK and JV Center Defender

2014 January - Cleared 100% for field play and practices.

2013 October - Cleared to play on 10/7/2013, but only as Kicker.

  • Played football with JV Thursday 10/10/2013 and then with Varsity the following Friday night.

  • Was not allowed to compete for the starting punter role as that was the coaches son who also played QB

  • Was not allowed to kick touch backs per head coach.orders, or get benched

  • All these attempts at the high school level prompted another competitive option via Kohl's Professional Kicking Camps in order to achieve recognition and get the attention at the college and university level.

2013 WA State - Challenge Cup Finalist - Competitive Premier Level

  • 5-1, 3-2, 5-1, 4-0, 3-0. Two clean sheets.

  • Allowed the least number of GA in state tourney.

  • Undefeated going into finals.

  • Lost 1-4 Championship Match vs team we beat 3-2.
    Played with injured knee in match requiring 9 months of recovery.


2012 NPSL Fall League - 1st Division BU17

  • Finished 4th. Played up. (6W, 2D, 4L)

  • 35 GF 16 GA with Crossfire BU16

  • Assisted with two goals in the same game to Forwards Hugh and Kato as GK

2012 Kent Cornucopia Cup

  • Champions Crossfire BU16

2012 North Mason Kickoff

  • Finalist SKSC BU12 Select (Kees Asst. Coach)

2012 Crossfire Challenge Cup

  • Finalist SKSC BU12 Select (Kees Asst. Coach)

2011 Indoor - Played Coed Team.

  • Averaged 6 goals per half. Played GK 2nd half.

2011 NPSL Fall League - 1st Division BU16

  • Played up one year during regular season

  • Tied Eastside A's team 1-1.

  • Eastside A finished 1st above Crossfire Premiere A in RCL Div 1

  • Were finalists in the Crossfire Cup playing up at age 16. We only lost 1-0.

  • Beat our U16 team 3-0. A team that 2.5 years ago beat us 6-1 and then we tied 1-1, 8 months later.

  • Lost to WPFC but they beat us 1.5 years ago 5-1.

  • Consistently win against Wenatchee Fire and won head to head

  • Lost to MI 1-0 while and dominated the game. 1.5 years ago we lost 5-1.

  • Finished 2nd in state with only 1 loss while the year before we finished 4th.

  • Beat Eastside B Premier 3-0.

  • Were the only team to finish with a perfect record in group playing up a year.

2011 Crossfire Select A

  • Allowed only 1 goal in 6 games.

2011 Crossfire Select Cup - Played up BU16

  • Finalist - 2nd Place.

2011 Sounders FC Cup

  • Semi- Finalist

  • Scored Goal, as GK, from own 18 that allowed his team to advance!!

2011 WA State Challenge Cup, WA

  • State Tourney w/ Crossfire - Semi-Finalist


2010 Indoor - Formed Coed Team

  • Averaged 4 goals per half. Played GK 2nd half.


2010 Nike Mt Hood Challenge Cup, OR - GOLD Championship

  • Qtr-Final, Semi-Final and Final Championship were all won in PKs - Tracyton 96, WA


2010 Federal Way Blast Off

  • Finalist, WA - Tracyton 96

2010 Was approved the State of AZ to take USSF E Coaching License at age 12


2010 Open League - AZ First Place Sereno 95 Blue

  • Played up 2 years as defender and midfielder


2009 TSA Champions - AZ, Sereno 95 Blue

  • Played up 2 years as defender and midfielder


2009 Copa Pancho Chili y Limon Tourny on 97

  • Won Qtr Final and Semi-Final with PKs - Santa Rita, Glendale, AZ


2009 AZ State Cup

  • 8th Place Div 1 - AZ Sereno 97 Blue


2008 Verizon Wireless Tournament - Western Region

  • Championship – Chivas (Hispanic Club in Glendale)


2008 AZ State Cup

  • 4th Place Div 1 - AZ Sereno 97 Blue, 97 White took 1st Place

2007 WestSound FC – No records kept

2006 SKSC Select – No records kept

2005 SKSC Team Kitsap United Rec Blue Bracket - WA First Place
2000-2004 Recreational Soccer

Early years - Age 4 to 6 Stats

  • Most goals scored indoor in a single game 21

  • Most goals scored indoor in first 10 minutes of a game 16.

Premier Coach
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