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“Internal Development & External Results - Training methods are similar at any age, whether it is to train and develop a soccer team, an agency creative group or a corporate marketing, web development or branding team - keep it simple, fun and interesting. With over three decades of combined experience in corporate and soccer team optimization. It is our intent to provide an opportunity to train and learn a simple game with experiences, disciplines and an understanding of cooperative teamwork / collaboration, that will endure a lifetime in a highly competitive world!” - JM


“We would like to thank you for all of the work you put into this team. Our son has learned a lot and enjoys playing with his team. We want you to know that we appreciate your time.” J&T

“We have been blessed to have been practicing soccer with you since May of this year. With my son moving over from “REC” which he has played for the past several years, I was nervous if he could fit in at this level. You were very honest and up front from the start, about the process the players would take, and how the game was played, including emails which gave examples. This was very impressive to get up front. My son has had exponential growth curve upward in 4 short months in both the physical and mental side of soccer. Not being a huge fan of soccer it has been nice for me as well. Upon meeting and listening to you talking to me and the boys, I knew immediately that you were a great asset to the community. Attitude reflects leadership, and the boys have been having a great time with impeccable sportsmanship!” P&M

“John has been the best coach my son has ever had, bar none. My son’s skills, self confidence and level of competitiveness have all improved this year.” N

“John has been a positive role model for assistant coaches and his players. John has an undeniable passion for the game of soccer, but more importantly, for kids.” E&L

“Thanks for being committed to these boys. It's going to be a great season. our son can't wait for the season to start! We're with you!” J

“We started practicing with your team this winter. It was immediately clear that my son had a long way to go transitioning from Rec to Select. I think he has made improvements in leaps and bounds since he started playing with your team. I know that we never would have gotten this same chance with any other Select team and want you to know that we really appreciate it. Without this experience, we may never have been able to transition to Select because of the lack of experience and consistency in Rec. My son is really enjoying his time practicing and playing for you this year. I look forward to seeing his continued improvement throughout the season. Again, thank you for the opportunity to play and thank you for your time!” L

“We support you and your decisions as head coach and are confident in you. Thank you for all you do for our son and the entire team.” K&K

"We support everything you are doing for our son and the rest of the team! We have played on other select teams and we like the way you are coaching. Thank you for your time to help develop the kids in soccer and as positive children." B&B

"I heard what you said about the creativity that the boys need to use. I totally agree with what you said. My son and I are thankful that we have the opportunity to train with you. He and I learned a lot from you and your decades of experience. We've watched him grow in this short amount of time, and can't wait to see the player he ends up to be at the end of the year!" T&S

“We are extremely happy with you and your son's coaching. We very much appreciate your style of coaching and believe our son benefits greatly from your training. Not many coaches would have taken the time to work with him from the inside out or shown so much care and concern for his well being. We are truly grateful for the opportunity for our son to be coached by you. We feel that our son is treated as if he is one of your own and that all the boys on your teams are treated as such. We have the utmost respect for you. Thank you again for everything you do for our son - our family is grateful.” N&N

“Our family would like you to know that we support you as a coach. Know that we stand behind you in your decisions with YOUR team. I understand your coaching techniques and appreciate your honesty when discussing this with parents. Although I believe that every coach should be paid I firmly believe that some of the most amazing coaches we have had we're volunteers. They believe in the sport, care for the kids and give their time to educate! THANK YOU for everything you do! I know there is so much time and energy put into coaching, but know that our family appreciates it and support you and the team!” P&S

“We as a family were happy to hear all of the wonderful things that were thought of our son and that his talents and hard work were recognized as he loves being an athlete no matter the sport. Our son will be there no matter what ever team you want him to be on and he appreciates the opportunity to play on the team and develop however you see fit.” J&C

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